An Overview On Ferries And The Efficiency With Which They Operate

The Efficiency of Fast, Day and Night Ferries

With the world being rapidly taken over by the might of mammoth cruise vessels, it is unfortunate that the ferries have been relegated to mostly carrying cargo. Ferries are smaller boats that have been in operation for decades, used to move from one ...

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What Makes River Cruises Different From Ocean Cruises

Cruise Ships For Sale

The shipping industry is growing in leaps and bounds and are increasingly looking to venture into newer, uncharted lands with constant improvements and upgrades. One of the most evident instances is river cruises that have made quite a name for thems...

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An Overview On The Christmas Activities Onboard

Christmas Activities Onboard

Booking a cruise liner during the holiday seasons is indeed something you can look forward to. The ships go that extra mile to make the experience on-board special with their innovative celebrations designed to cater to individuals of all ages. Cruis...

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The Norms And Regulations Adopted By The Shipping Industry In Recent Years

Regulations Adopted By The Shipping Industry

The shipping industry is increasingly becoming a major contributor to the world's pollution. According to recent surveys, the industry would be responsible for around 18% of harmful emissions by the year 2050. The sheer amount of fuel that is burnt t...

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Where Is The Shipping Industry Headed?

ship broker company

Undoubtedly one of the most luxurious ways to spend vacations, cruising is increasingly becoming a more preferred option. Ships no longer are just a mode of transport to travel across countries and vast seas. The shipping industry have grown to encom...

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The Strive To Diminish Harmful Emissions By The Shipping Industry

cruise vessels for sale

The shipping industry is responsible for transporting nearly 90% of the goods worldwide. Ships offer some of the most efficient methods for delivering and bringing in bulks of products from every corner of the world. However, even with all the conven...

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River Cruises And Why You Must Hop On One At The Earliest

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Cruising through the rivers offer an experience like no other. For cruise novices, river cruises can be an excellent segueway and an initiation into the world of prime luxury. Not as expansive (but equally luxurious) as ocean cruises, these vessels t...

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The Many Reasons Why Marine Pollution Is On The Rise

high speed ferries

There's no denying the fact that cruise ships offer some of the finest luxuries that tempt us to experience them at least one in our lifetime. It is also true that the pollution generated by cruise ships every year is considerably higher than the wor...

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How To Effectively Increase The Energy Efficiency Of Ships

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Shipping needs to adopt methods that effectively diminish harmful emissions. Not only does shipping pose a humungous threat to the oceanic life but the environment in general too gets adversely affected. The energy efficiency design index has now bee...

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Amenities To Look Forward To On Board A Luxury Vessel

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Interested to know what makes luxury cruise liners stand out from the rest? Let this infographic guide you. ...

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