Things To Know About 5 Of The Most Popular Ferries

All Kinds of Ferries

The shipping industry has a plethora of ships in its disposal, each serving a purpose different than the other. From vessels that are dedicated to carrying passengers all over the globe to those built to transport goods and vehicles across countries,...

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Tips to buy the Best Cruise Vessel

Tips To buy the Best Cruise Vessel

Finding a perfect ship or a boat for purchase is nothing short of miraculous. Take a tour around the cruising grounds and you would be aware of the various sizes and shapes there are to choose from. If you are on the lookout for a cruiser that is use...

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A Brief Look On The Things You Need To Know About Ro-Ro Ships


Built in the 19th century, Ro-ro vessels were used to transport vehicles that were too big for the bridges. The rails that were put to use to carry the activity out without a hassle were put on the ship, connecting to the rails that were laid on the ...

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Take A Look At The World’s 1st Hydrogen-Powered Cruise Ship

Hydrogen Powered Cruise Ship

With the developments and innovations that are taking place in the shipping industry, caution must be taken to care for the marine population that is being subjected to the adverse effects of shipping. Harmful emissions and waste materials that are d...

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A Brief Summary On Digitisation In The Shipping Industry

Digitisation In Shipping Industry

Digitisation is no longer limited to the sharing and implementation of data and are increasingly expanding its scope to embrace other industries into its periphery. The concept that in many ways led to globalisation is looking to have an integrated f...

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Cruise Liners To Keep A Lookout For To Spend A Romantic Getaway

Best Cruise Ships for Couples

What better way to spend a week with your special someone than atop a cruise? With the month of February already making its presence felt, make your Valentine feel special in the most unconventional manner possible. Yes, booking a cruise liner can be...

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An Overview On Ferries And The Efficiency With Which They Operate

The Efficiency of Fast, Day and Night Ferries

With the world being rapidly taken over by the might of mammoth cruise vessels, it is unfortunate that the ferries have been relegated to mostly carrying cargo. Ferries are smaller boats that have been in operation for decades, used to move from one ...

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What Makes River Cruises Different From Ocean Cruises

Cruise Ships For Sale

The shipping industry is growing in leaps and bounds and are increasingly looking to venture into newer, uncharted lands with constant improvements and upgrades. One of the most evident instances is river cruises that have made quite a name for thems...

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An Overview On The Christmas Activities Onboard

Christmas Activities Onboard

Booking a cruise liner during the holiday seasons is indeed something you can look forward to. The ships go that extra mile to make the experience on-board special with their innovative celebrations designed to cater to individuals of all ages. Cruis...

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The Norms And Regulations Adopted By The Shipping Industry In Recent Years

Regulations Adopted By The Shipping Industry

The shipping industry is increasingly becoming a major contributor to the world's pollution. According to recent surveys, the industry would be responsible for around 18% of harmful emissions by the year 2050. The sheer amount of fuel that is burnt t...

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